Math Parser supports learning how a compiler creates an executable program file from source code.

Using mathmatical expressions as an input, Math Parser shows how the Lexical Analysis, Syntax Analysis, Code Generation and Optimisation stages of compilation are performed.

In addition, Math Parser demonstrates how mathmatical expressions are formed into Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) for execution using the Shunting Yard algorithm and the Stack data structure.

Math Parser also shows how an Abstract Syntax Tree can be created from the RPN, showing how a recursive algorithm is used in practice.

Math Parser supports implied multiplication (e.g. 5x) as well as explicit multiplication (e.g. 5 * x) in its input expressions.

Fully supported by a comprehensive Help file, Math Parser includes all the algorithms used and explains all the technical terminology.

Windows only.

Single user version: £15.00:

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Math Parser background

Math Parser generating Reverse Polish Notation

Math Parser completed example