Python Resource Pack 2 is a set of coding challenges designed to support the teaching and learning of the Python programming language.

This pack is designed for those who have some experience of programming in Python, such as completing the exercises in Resource Pack 1. It is suitable for teaching Python in schools from Year 7 onwards, tutors and learners in adult learning classes or for the hobbyist learning at home.

The pack also encourages the learner to start to consider the whole system life cycle and program documentation by including a requirement for all testing (both unsuccessful and successful tests, together with any corrective actions) to be recorded as a part of the solution alongside the code. Some of the tasks also require preparatory design before attempting to code the solution to the challenge.

The pack is designed to support learning that has previously taken place in the classroom, via self-directed study, or by following tutorials.

The pack contains:


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The following topics are introduced:

The challenges are designed so that some self-directed research will be required to complete them; they are not a cut-and-paste tutorial.


Purchase Python Resource Pack 2 in the GBCMS Online Store

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